11 Amazing Spiderman Icons


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Distractions by LynnLarsh

“This isn’t about the war in Switzerland, is it?” War sighed, but even Dick could tell it held no genuine discontent. Which only made it that much worse.

“You know it’s not,” Dick caved a bit, gritting his teeth.

10 Jul 21:06
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The Four Horsemen [4/4] - Death

Many know
my many names;
Collecting souls
is my game. 
I am Death.
10 Jul 20:33
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The Four Horsemen [3/4] - Famine

A third joins there number,
His mouth is sewn shut,
His body is frail,
His throat has been cut.

The food turns to dust, 
As his pale body passes,
the children will suffer,
Death to the masses.

A scale in his hand,
His horse thinning and black,
Its main hanging limply,
Feet humming clackity-clack.

His spine sticks far out,
His chest eroded away,
His intestines hang about,
His legs ripe with decay.

The Four Horsemen [2/4] - War

War is a game, 
It proves that the worst loss, 
Is a loss that was gained by a win, 
The blood is shed, 
The death is had, 
Utter depression, 
War happens over and over, 
It never stops, 
Peace is an illusion, 

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The Four Horsemen [1/4] - Pestilence

Disease in the body,
Melts function and movement.

Disease in the soul,
Neglects the need to search reflectively.

Disease in the heart,
Sickness towards people creates sickness in the world. 

The Leviathans Have the Demon by

The rumbling became infuriatingly constant. The first thing War planned on doing was destroying a couple of villages, but that would have to wait until he got out of this fucking thing. Who, or whatever, has his ring is taking his good old sweet time and that irritates War. All he wants is to get back to his beautiful red Mustang and cause the slaughter of women and children at this point. If he could pace back and forth, he really would right now, but he can’t. Why? Because he’s still stuck in this fucking ring.

War had no idea how long it had been since the ring was picked up, but it had to have been a couple of weeks or a month, but he was getting itchy. The mental pacing went on for some time until the shaking stopped and a pull surrounded his entire being. “Fuckin’ finally! Jesus fucking H Christ, I am getting the greasiest damn Chinese takeout as soon as I’m out of here.”

Not even a second later, all he saw was light. The Horseman had been saved.

4.17 It’s a Terrible Life

All I’m saying is it’s how you look at it. Most folks live and die without moving anything more than the dirt it takes to bury them. You get to change things.
5 May 13:00
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5.16 Dark Side of the Moon

In Heaven I have six wings and four faces, one of which is a lion.
19 Apr 20:00
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The young disease that must subdue at length,
Grows with his growth,
and strengthens with his strength