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We’re gentlemen of Harvard.

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Day 5: Create a monochromatic graphic to accompany the type

Dean/Benny Brokeback Mountain AU

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Abaddon/Naomi Carrie AU

"Castiel should have gone to prom with me," Naomi seethed as the student body lay before her feet. Well, perhaps it might be more apt to say student bodies.

Abaddon was by her side, smirking at the bloodied scene before her, “I’m glad he didn’t.” 

"Oh?" She asked, and the rage had not left her veins and there was an ever so haughty edge to her tone that drove Abaddon wild.

"Because I got to go with you." She carelessly walked over her peer’s bodies as she dragged Naomi by the hand to the stage, and then bent over to pick up the bloodied tiara from the principal’s hand. She placed it on Naomi’s head, smiling sweetly. "I hereby proclaim you queen and the most beautiful girl here." Then, she leaned in to kiss her, wrapping an arm around her waist. 

Faintly, Naomi blushed, but if prompted she would have said it was merely the red of the blood of her peers on her cheeks. She retracted ever so slightly, peering into Abaddon’s eyes, “And you are my knight.”

"For always." She affirmed, and then cocked her head. "Where would you like to go next? You’re free, now and forever."

Naomi smiled, “I’m sure there’s another party in this town that needs crashing.”
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Crowley & Benny: Fahrenheit 451 AU

"Do you really need all of that?" Benny tutted, crossing his arms at all the luggage lying around the living room.

"I’m only going away… forever!" He exclaimed, picking up a pair of suitcases and heading to the door. He case a glance over his shoulder, "Why’d you decide to come?"

Benny shrugged, and pick up some of Crowley’s suitcases to help him as they headed to his shabby car. “Same reason as you are. I don’t want to live by someone else’s rules any more.” At first he had thought it had been enough to do what he wanted below the radar, but Crowley had opened him up to the notion of breaking free and not being scared of someone finding out. “You sure are leaving a cushy place to go live out in the wilderness.”

For a moment, Crowley longingly look back at his modest house as if he might want to stay. He set his eyes forward, loading up his baggage into the trunk. Then, all of a sudden, he snorted, “There’s nothing that’s worth pretending to love Lucifer day and night. And honestly, it’s a bit creepy to think that he’s always watching me. I certainly hope he isn’t while I wank.”

The two of them burst out laughing, and Benny was sure that in that moment that he knew the two things one needed to have a good life: books and a friend.
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Distractions by LynnLarsh

“This isn’t about the war in Switzerland, is it?” War sighed, but even Dick could tell it held no genuine discontent. Which only made it that much worse.

“You know it’s not,” Dick caved a bit, gritting his teeth.

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The Four Horsemen [4/4] - Death

Many know
my many names;
Collecting souls
is my game. 
I am Death.
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The Four Horsemen [3/4] - Famine

A third joins there number,
His mouth is sewn shut,
His body is frail,
His throat has been cut.

The food turns to dust, 
As his pale body passes,
the children will suffer,
Death to the masses.

A scale in his hand,
His horse thinning and black,
Its main hanging limply,
Feet humming clackity-clack.

His spine sticks far out,
His chest eroded away,
His intestines hang about,
His legs ripe with decay.