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greatest of the hogwarts four | listen cunning, clever, ambitious, and dangerous — slytherin will help you on your way to greatness.

i. power by kanye west | ii. 400 lux by lorde | iii. the king and all of his men by wolf gang | iv. okay i believe you, but my tommy gun don’t by brand new | v. fame < infamy by fall out boy | vi. seven devils by florence + the machine | vii. manners by icona pop | viii. casual affair by panic! at the disco | ix. off to the races by lana del rey | x. clique by kanye west ft. jay z & big sean | xi. kill all your friends by my chemical romance 

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slytherin + house traits

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Gryffindor | Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw | Slytherin

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fashion of harry potter: slytherin

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.
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Oh, know the perils, read the signs,
the warning history shows,
for our Hogwarts is in danger
from external, deadly foes

And we must unite inside her
or we’ll crumble from within
I have told you, I have warned you…
let the Sorting now begin.

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                     a slytherin fanmix

8tracks|Download|Spotify | Gryffindor|Hufflepuff|Ravenclaw

i. this is the pretty green, this is society — ii. I chew you up and I spit you out — iii. you will hold on, despite my cons — iv. we mean it but I promise we’re not mean — v.at worst I feel bad for a while // but then I just smile I go ahead and smile — vi. our pride will never fall // and never change // you better toe the line — vii. whether or not he’s a good man // she doesn’t care just as long as she still has her friends —viii. People try to put us d-down (Talkin’ ‘bout my generation) — ix. But don’t you know that no one alive can always be an angel —x. your conscience will be mine, all mine — xi. Soft, soft or cruel // Can’t we change our minds — xii. Don’t try and make me out // To be the root of the evil – xiii. Well you don’t wanna trust nobody else (Always thinking ‘bout yourself) – xiv. Stick up for yourself, son // Never mind what anybody else done – xv. Never not chasing a million things I want

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Check out this mix on @8tracks: house pride (s) by tyche.

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Songs to inspire the women of Slytherin house, the women who bleed emerald and silver, the women whose drive is their greatest asset and whose hard exteriors hide the fear that they’ll never be great enough.

They may be misunderstood or even feared, but make no mistake. They are on their way to greatness.

1.The World is Not Enough- Garbage 2.The Underdog- Dana Alexandra 3.Help I’m Alive- Metric 4.Empire- Alpines 5. Fly- Nicki Minaj & Rihanna 6.GO!- Santigold ft. Karen O 7.Glory and Gore- Lorde 8.Elastic Heart- Sia 9.Oh No!- Marina and The Diamonds 10.A Better Son/Daughter- Rilo Kiley 11.Dark Horse- Katy Perry 12.Burn- Ellie Goulding 13.Spectrum- Florence + The Machine


Proof that I have more fandoms (and a ridiculous amount of house pride for someone who would have gotten her letter 12 years ago). Ambitious ladies are awesome, yo. 

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I think the fact that within Hogwarts there’s a lot of distaste for Slytherin and Hufflepuff shows some interesting insight into the wizarding community. Like, Hufflepuff represents hard work and fairness, right? But there’s the idea that Hufflepuffs are losers, sort of the proverbial nice guys who finish last. On the other hand, Slytherins, who represent cunning and ambition and personal drive, are seen as cutthroat and generally nasty and mean. 

Ultimately, Hufflepuff and Slytherin are both rooted in philosophies on self betterment and achieving success in life, both in terms of being a better person and being a more powerful/wealthy person. The obvious question raised by Hogwarts student’s disapproval of both Slytherin and Hufflepuff is this: if it makes you a loser to succeed through hard work and fairness, but a cheat to succeed through cleverness and an attitude of doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals, how is someone in the wizarding world expected to gain power/wealth/status if they aren’t already born with it? 

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cunning folk // A Slytherin fanmix

"Or perhaps in Slytherin
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means
To achieve their ends.”

A hard shell with a softer core; most Slytherin students are unfairly judged by their house’s rather loathsome reputation. After a harrowing day in classes, you are happy to just kick back and recline on the comfy sofas, perhaps scan the Daily Prophet for any recent events and otherwise occupy your time by talking to the people you care to surround yourself with. 

01. Arcade Fire - Abraham’s Daughter 02. Nightwish - Amaranth 03. The Middle East - Blood 04. Within Temptation - Stand My Ground 05. Woodkid - Iron 06. The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army 07. Adiemus - Adiemus 08. The Cranberries - Zombie 09. Fun. - Some Nights 10. System of a Down - Lonely Day 11. Dinosaur Jr. - Said the People 12. The Broken Family Band - It’s All Over (listen)