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You are, oh you are… (x)

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There’s a darker transition to adulthood for Thor. He starts to see the shadier side of the royal family. (Hemsworth)

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The King is dead. Long live the King.

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[part I]

{thor + loki , for ilvalentinos

n. messiah king

          1. one who shines too bright for his broken throne; 

              who lays waste to the old

              who redeems and ruins all those who love him

          2.  one who must fall

               at the hand of a brother

n. dog of war

          1. one who wages eternal war

              who finds peace only in chaos

          2. one who burns any hand that seeks to wield him;

              any heart that may yet hold him,

              even if it is beloved. 

{listen} {download}

for the violent elemental princes of asgard, learning and unlearning themselves and each other, tunnel vision’d and obsessed, mad with their love to the point of despair and rage, searching endlessly for the golden days that never truly were, two celestial objects, one burning bright and in glory, one abyss-dark with chaos in his wake, caught in an eternal, ruinous orbit around each other. the making and the breaking of worlds catch in their spirals, the rise and fall of their own myths and kingship twisted up in their beliefs of the other and their rippling equal and opposite chain reactions. they live, defined by the other. they love, and so they spin, beyond hope of escape velocity. for the messiah and the machiavel, the divine king and the dog of war.

Anywhere On This Road, Lhasa | i love a man who’s afraid of me; he believes if he doesn’t stand guard with a knife, i’ll make him my slave for the rest of his life.

Climbing Up The Walls, Radiohead | open up your skull, i’ll be there

Ghouls, We Are Scientists | we all recognise, that i’m the problem here

Hardest of Hearts, Florence + The Machine | there is love in your body but you can’t get it out / can’t stop myself before it’s too late

I Love You, Woodkid | whatever i feel for you, you only seem to care about you

The Prayer, Bloc Party | let me outshine the moon

Who Are You, Really?, Mikky Ekko | see me bare my teeth for you

Precipice, Bear McReary | [instrumental]

Change, Deftones | you were on fire

DLZ, TV On The Radio | externalised. objectified. you set your sights so high / but this is beginning to feel like the dog’s lost its lead

Sons of War, Two Steps from hell | [instrumental]

Army of Me (Sucker Punch Remix), Björk | i won’t sympathize anymore / you’ll meet an army of me

Skyfall, Adele | when it crumbles, we will stand tall

Red, Elbow | you burn too bright, you live too fast, you’re a tragedy starting to happen

Bad Blood (Live Piano Version), Bastille | there are the days that bind you together, forever / we will drive ourselves insane

Architect of Love, New Young Pony Club | this, was broken from the start

Armistice, Patrick Wolf | sharpen knives, and come closer to where we belong

The Storm and the Dead, Bear McReary | [instrumental]

A Day Like Today, Tom McRae | in your hand, all the colours, you thought were kings / everything i do, is just a message to you / if you let me, i could love you to death.

The Weight of Us, Sanders Bohlke | there’s a cold heart buried beneath, and warm blood running deep

Iscariot, Walk the Moon | that’s what you want, but it’s not what you’re asking for / you know you had it coming my brother

Hurt, Johnny Cash | you are someone else, i am still right here

Stay With Me, Clint Mansell | [instrumental]

Fail Epic, The Presets | you’ve never gone too far to turn back, all that you’ve been fighting for

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for okayopheliafor making me this

T H E   R E A L M   E T E R N A L   C A N N O T   H O L D  
rag·na·rök, (regin, gods + rök, fate)

the towers fall to ash, the skies open, the great jaws of fenrir open before him, and still he cannot quite bring himself to believe. still it evades him, even when the ships land, even when the first blow is struck, even when he sees the fire aimed towards asgard’s sun. when the moon goes out, still he cannot quite believe, still he cannot quite grasp, and when he sees his brother laughing while the city burns all around them, it is only then that he sees. pax asgardia, the books had told him once; all the universe under the rule of one benevolent king; all the realms at peace and at harmony, all the universe contained inside one all-seeing god. it cannot hold, loki has said on more than one occasion. we have let stasis bleed into our roots and seep into our hearts, we have fancied ourselves gods when there is but one god.
and who is that? he had asked, young and foolish.
time, his brother replies.
in the end, it is only the two of them. in the end, in the collapse of the realm eternal and in the crushing cold of the void, in the last screaming vestiges of a realm that had once ruled the universe but is now ash, there is only them. there had only ever been the two of them, the fate of the twilight written into their bones.
loki summons the last strength in his dying body, and looks up. he watches the humans pull away.

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I. A S G A R D  F A L L I N G  [listen] [download] [companion mix to this] [part II]

For the shining kingdom cracking beneath the weight of its own grandeur and obsession with the past, for the whispers of decay through the hallowed halls, for the traitorous wardrums, the empty pyres and cawing harbingers of the ragnarök. for the golden towers crashing to the shaking earth, while far above the skies tear open with a terrible nuclear fire, for all the brutality of fate; which has written the fall into the universe. And after all the bright searing light of the apocalypse flashing off fenrir’s fangs; after all the god’s blood in the dirt, all the atoms coming unspun; after the honour of the immortals is struck down by their own hubris and the mortals storm at the gates of heaven; after all the aesir stumble to their knees, scarred and broken by the betrayal of all they had loved and lost, then, only then, will come the creeping cold of the void. The gods will be swallowed alive, and there are those who will be reborn in blood, but Asgard will rule the nine worlds no more. And beyond it will be the two brothers watching their home fall - spent of all enmity at the last - watching each other fall in the last dying gasp of valhalla.

A.O., THE PRESETS | In the House, In a Heartbeat, JOHN MURPHY | Stabat Mater, WOODKID | All Along the Watchtower, BEAR MCCREARY | Into the Past, NERO | Fever Dream, TYLER BATES | Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums, A PERFECT CIRCLE | Requiem for a Dream (Orchestral Version), CLINT MANSELL | Seven Devils, FLORENCE + THE MACHINE | Tree of Life, CLINT MANSELL | Regelok, Mig Elok, IREN LOVASZ | Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun, M83 | The Surface of the Sun, JOHN MURPHY | Ozymandias, PERCY SHELLEY | Dauðalogn, SIGUR ROS | Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods), RICHARD WAGNER | The Last Man, CLINT MANSELL 

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Though these that were Gods are dead, and thou being dead art a God.